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Player R. julien on GooPrize free games and contests to win prizes

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R. julien (77240)
iD : 26177

Registration Date : 23/02/2013

Last connection date : 26/11/2017 à 01:41

Connection days number : 173

Free games to win prizes, Testimony:

" I chose to compliment the data with the help of the alphabet to be fun poetic view we'll see what happens for me I think it's not too bad as I leave you the time to read it and hope it's fun and you face it affects you, do not pay attention to mistakes in the text we will say that I have trouble (fault for not having enough ongoing monitoring to school;)) Went up to I congratulate you for reading this site very nice and with all due respect I wish you good luck for improved especially for the gift to win more quickly ...
A for fun, B as happiness, C as focused, D for relaxation, I like elegant, F as fun-G as great, H as happy, I like intelligent, J as joyful, K there is no L as loyal, M as clever, N for natural, O as operational, P for practice Q there is no R as compliance, S as splendid, T as quiet, U as useful, V as life W as wahoo, X ago no, there is no Y and Z are more.
thank the creator "

Statistics free games:

Number of chips played : 31 844

Number of Colorado plays played : 6

Number of Atlantis plays played : 0

Number of DayPrize plays played : 46

Sponsored friends number : 6

Last prizes:

Magnet Rabbits Forest, gift earned on free games on 01/12/2013

" merci beaucoup gooprize "