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Player C. Damien on GooPrize free games and contests to win prizes

Player 513831 games win gifts C. Damien games contest 513831

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General Informations:

C. Damien (92260)
iD : 513831

Registration Date : 26/01/2479

Last connection date : 02/07/2016 à 05:16

Connection days number : 86

Free games to win prizes, Testimony:

" Gooprize for me is the first site of free games. Much more serious in its concept and in its most fun games, it allows players to satisfy their gambling cravings without leaving their home!

Moreover, the free gifts offered by Gooprize are always of the highest quality! Unlike many other sites, Gooprize finally proposes to play and win valuable gifts everyday. Better! If these gifts do not please you, you can always exchange them against gift vouchers, which will be directly sent to you at home. No need to be patient and stamping, you know exactly when your gifts and checks arrive home!

In front of VIP (possible from the first euro spent), you will even have the chance to participate in high-paying contests while earning more during your daily games!

Finally, you have access to an original sponsorship system and one that has the same design of an RPG, a little character that follows a path ahead, as your downline accumulate. And we are not disappointed gifts received by this sponsorship!
Far from being ridiculous, sponsorship gains are really interesting and motivating! Feel free to share this game site and gifts with all your friends as I did;) "

Statistics free games:

Number of chips played : 54 092

Number of Colorado plays played : 5

Number of Atlantis plays played : 5

Number of DayPrize plays played : 78

Sponsored friends number : 7