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Player W. michael on GooPrize free games and contests to win prizes

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General Informations:

W. michael (65320)
iD : 62609

Registration Date : 02/04/2013

Last connection date : 02/11/2015 à 01:11

Connection days number : 267

Free games to win prizes, Testimony:

" Amount collected: 120 €
Those are my proofs of gains on this site I can not do without me. I highly recommend it.

Note that I am not a VIP and I have paid 6 euros since I registered and I enrolled on 04/16/2013

You do not have to spend money to save here is the proof :-)

Do not forget to confirm your email address via the link that you will gooprize sent to your inbox
now that I am enrolled in gooprize, I still have to have € 130 to unlock the cave? I hope to win something after Hello I am on this site for nine days and I have already more than 150th virtual which means that I will soon unlock the cave to 300. I wonder if people have already win kdo found in the cave? But what are the steps remaining to win the kdo once the sum of kdo is completed and unlock it foolish?

ello thank you

Small question con for some, here I still have to have € 56 to unlock the cave, after how it happens?
Once unlock, no need to get back to 300th playing?
Thank you for your éclaircissemen "

Statistics free games:

Number of chips played : 37 935

Number of Colorado plays played : 0

Number of Atlantis plays played : 0

Number of DayPrize plays played : 70

Sponsored friends number : 8

Last prizes:

Magnet Little Vicking, gift earned on free games on 03/08/2015

" se site il et bien????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? "