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Player F. paul on GooPrize free games and contests to win prizes

Member 72960 games win gifts F. paul games contest 72960

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General Informations:

F. paul (47000)
iD : 72960

Registration Date : 13/04/2013

Last connection date : 30/09/2015 à 06:48

Connection days number : 395

Free games to win prizes, Testimony:

" I love the concepts of free games and contests. Play and win prizes when you do not necessarily have the means to offer them this, I think its great!

Gooprize the site is a great site, and every day I come to login to use my free view of the JS group on Facebook chips. I play most often with games that change every month because it is a good way to earn money faster to increase the chance to finally unlock the jackpot even if already unlock long

there two weeks I earn magnet and a carpet mouse, I was happy because this is the first time that I can win 2 gift at the same time on this site, so I'm all pleased and would recommend.

I get those on my end soon, so I'll leave wishing you a good read, and then good luck because I think you'll get a lot of response to this incredible offer. I forgot to tell you that I love games and gifts :)

Good evening to you, thank you for this great game live JS "

Statistics free games:

Number of chips played : 125 103

Number of Colorado plays played : 177

Number of Atlantis plays played : 69

Number of DayPrize plays played : 494

Sponsored friends number : 2

Last prizes:

Boite de 210 dragibus soft haribo, gift earned on free games on 28/09/2014

" Hooooo Merci pour mes Kilos youpi ma fille en aura pas nananère et pas toi Vanessa ni les mémés que pour ma YEULE AHAHAHAHH "
Mug Leprechaun Logo Qualité, gift earned on free games on 02/07/2014

" Ohhhhh yehaa enfin mon MUG ;) "
Tapis de souris Little Vicking, gift earned on free games on 09/05/2014

" ohhhh yehaaaa merci "
Porte Clé Jackpot Gold, gift earned on free games on 05/05/2014

" youhou Merci pour mes clés :X "
Magnet Arabian Nights, gift earned on free games on 12/04/2014

" Ohh yeha ;) Merci La team ^^ Bisous "
Stylo Capsule Logo, gift earned on free games on 06/03/2014

" Youpi mon 1er Kdo Merkiki La Js :) "