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games contest Lucky Stars according to G. PAULINE (159192)

Instant win Lucky Stars according to PAULINE G. (159192) PAULINE G. gives its opinion on the free and instant win game Lucky Stars, (avis n° 159192) :

this game is very funny and entertaining! playing without headaches! the only drawback I see is that one is "forced" to play 9 pieces each time otherwise unlikely to move! I love the casino game, slot machine style, and the little alien is reminiscent of the old character Bigdil the televised game is really fun!

in addition it allows ganger free gifts, games are also free because we are not obliged to gamble to win!

I recommend to everyone and to all my friends to come and play and win prizes! what better gooprize?? I do not really see, this is a good time, with ease! Thank you to all the team for their time and patience because it may not be obvious every day! we continue to create special games because they are really great fun, and if you get bored lol!

I do not have much to say except live games, live gifts (for soon I hope) and lively gooprize!

I have this elf one day I would ahhhhhh

thank you kisses kisses friends